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Having been born in the inner city of Baltimore to poor parents, my chances along the way of affording technical training in the arts fell completely to me.  Upon reaching an age where I could afford to pay for any art schooling, I eventually tried everything from Correspondence School instruction, to individual classes at the Maryland Institute College of the Arts.  The thing that had the most effect on me, however, was the fact that my mother had a job as a cleaning woman at a local restaurant that displayed a huge collection of fine art, much of which was created by the Dutch Masters and Victorian Realists.  I would meet her each Saturday, which was payday, when all the cleaning ladies got a free lunch at the end of their workday.  My mother and her friends were never quite finished that meal every time I arrived, so she would tell me to “look around” while she finished.  I would get a chair and pull it up to stand on just to get as close as possible to those wonderful images, so I could memorize every brush stroke.  I never quite realized it until I was an adult, but that was her way of helping me further my knowledge of painting.  I believe it worked better than any of the courses I ever paid for.



35 x 48 Oil on Canvas $885


 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas $400

Morning Grapes

  14x18 Oil on Illustration board $580


  7x10 Oil on Canvas board $285

Silver Pitcher and Rose

  14x18 Oil on Illustration board $460

Vase & Candy Dish

  16x20 Oil on Canvas $510

Chinese Pagoda

  11x14 Paper Scuplture $285

The Chess Game

  12x16 Oil on Canvas $400


 8x10 Oil on paper $345


  14x17 Color pencil on Bristol $285

Produce Wagon

21” long, 11.5” wide, 10” high Epoxy based Papier Mache


Harbor at Sunset

  11x14 watercolor  $345

The Window Box

  16x20 Oil on Canvas $510


Open Hydrant

  Epoxy based Papier Mache  Sits on shelf or hangs on wall   7” wide, 12” tall, 4 ˝” depth


Two Roses

  8x10 Watercolor on paper $145



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